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Class 11: Ways of structuring a project

This will be a hand's on day, so I'm giving you two additional ways to apply visual classes to your code (a third is the sample from projects/3).

Traditional Designer Workflow: Head to our Boilerplate-Stylus GitHub repo. Build a cloud9 workspace from it. stylus stylus/style.styl -o style.css will compile the stylus folder into a single css stylesheet. Let's talk out the structure and style of this workflow.

Abstract Toolbox Workflow: Head to the Palette-style-stylus repo and also build a space from it. Use stylus style1.styl to output style1.css. Let's talk about how this is setup.

Today's work

So I want you to head back to week one's notes (as a group) and pick some of the CSS tricks we learned. Convert them into abstracted SMACSS style classes. Load them into one of the three workflows. Use our separation of concerns to apply a composite of several in several ways. (This is a hand's on intro to your project 3.)