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Class 19: The last lecture!

So we have done a lot of things together at a lightning pace. It is my sincere hope that you are all stronger web developers now because of our work together. I have no doubt that several of the topics we covered will be a little unclear still. However it is also my hope that you are empowered enough to actually dive into those areas and overcome whatever setbacks you find there.

Technologically you should be much stronger at CSS and Javascript but also at thinking about architectures and scalable, extensible, and modular web apps.

Side-by-side MVC Comparisons

So now that we've seen the basic ideas behind all of the major JS trends let's look at the frameworks that have wrapped and popularized those technologies.

Perhaps you've heard of where you can compare Javsacript MVC frameworks. Well I'm going to try to do a version I call Dog Punch MVC.

First the vanilla JavaScript version:

See the Pen Vanilla Dog Punching by Andy Novocin (@AndyNovo) on CodePen.

Here is a simple translation to jQuery:

See the Pen jQuery Dog Punching by Andy Novocin (@AndyNovo) on CodePen.

Here is my take on a BackboneJS version:

See the Pen Backbone Dog Punching by Andy Novocin (@AndyNovo) on CodePen.

Here is an angular version:

See the Pen Angular Dog Punching by Andy Novocin (@AndyNovo) on CodePen.

Pick an MVC framework

Take a look at the differences in the code. Pick one of Backbone, Angular or even some of the ones I didn't do (Ember, React, Knockout, etc.) and make a cat skinning app.

If you're a total bad-ass then do two!